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9 Influential Queer Folks
Who are Crushing it

There’s nothing we love more than talking about queer folks who are doing amazing things. Unfortunately, when you Google “Influential queer folks” there aren’t many relevant articles to be found.

So, in honor of gaining visibility and celebrating all the incredible queer womxn and non-binary folks who are kicking ass and crushing it in their respective fields, here’s a list of 9 that we’re currently obsessed with.

1. Arlan Hamilton [she/her]

Arlan Hamilton built a venture capital fund from the ground up… While she was homeless. I mean, WHAT?! She is the founder and manager of Backstage Capital who invests in high-potential founders who are of color, women and/or LGBTQ+.

Since 2015, Backstage Capital has invested over $5m in 100 different start-ups with underestimated founders.

We can’t get enough of Arlan and you won’t be able to either as you learn more about her.


2. Beck Power [she/her]

Beck is the Kiwi founder and host of QueerHustle – a community for and by impactful queer womxn in business. Beck is a business strategist and runs several business programs that will help you get your ass into gear.

Beck has a personal brand and speaking career, as well as NomadMe, a project that creates tools for digital nomads. She is known in digital nomad and digital entrepreneurship circles for her mindset hacks and bootstrapped launches. She loves information products and leading QueerHustlers to greatness!


3. Brooklyn Wright [embraces all pronouns]

Brooklyn Wright is the creator and executive director of The Boi Society, the largest and most diverse community for queer, androgynous, genderfluid folx. Brooklyn honors this intention by firmly leaving labels behind in order to serve the entire queer community.

The Boi Society has become a mecca for entrepreneurship as well as social, physical and gender diversity.

To learn more about Brooklyn, check out this article from Lesbionxy.


4. Michelle Coyle [she/her]

Michelle specializes in helping LGBTQ entrepreneurs grow businesses FAST. With 17 years of experience starting businesses that promote social change and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business Dartmouth, Michelle is known as the go-to coach for queer entrepreneurs.

It’s vitally important to Michelle to help lift up and empower people who are often marginalized in the corporate world. She believes entrepreneurship is the path to freedom for so many and loves being able to show people exactly how to crack the code and succeed at it, often far beyond their wildest dreams.

“When we take someone who is making less than $2-3k a month and get them to $20k, $30k, $50k a month…that’s a life-changing shift. At that point, not only are they finally able to really take care of themselves, they’re able to turn around and create opportunities for others. Creating that kind of exponential impact is my true purpose, my life’s work.”


5. Ericka Hart, M.Ed. [she/they]

Ericka Hart is a Black Queer Femme activist, writer, an award winning sex educator, acclaimed speaker and model. Erika has a Masters of Education in Human Sexuality and can often be found traveling all over the country speaking to students at various universities. Ericka, along with their partner Ebony, hosts the podcast, Hoodrat to Headwrap.

Ericka uses her platforms to challenge anti-blackness and how it rears its ugly head everywhere from popular media and the runway, to the news and in universities. She calls on others to hold themselves and each other accountable.

We first fell in love with Ericka on Instagram where she (and Ebony) regularly allow us a front row seat to their conversations about race, gender, sexuality and gentrification. You’ll also get to witness the pure joy Ericka gets from tending to her plant children, Ebony’s stoic excitement over his ever growing vinyl collection and fairly regular car-karaoke jam sessions.

Start following Ericka and you’ll quickly begin to wonder how you went so long without her presence in your daily social media life. You’ll also wish you could be friends with her in real life.


6. Dorie Clark [she/her]

Dorie is a marketing strategy consultant, branding expert, professional speaker and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review. She’s a professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and author of three books, Entrepreneurial You, Reinventing Yourself and Stand Out, which was named the #1 leadership book of 2015 by Inc. magazine.

Dorie consults and speaks for a diverse range of clients, including Google, the World Bank, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, the Ford Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Yale University.

She left the small North Carolina town she grew up in early to get a jumpstart on doing the things she cared about, like getting a masters degree in theology and becoming a political reporter, presidential campaign spokesperson, nonprofit executive director, and documentary filmmaker. All of which she did!


7. Alionka Polanco [she/her]

Alionka is a transformational coach, motivational speaker, international TV personality and model. Over the last five years, she’s coached top performers in fields as diverse as sales execs at Google, Broadway stars, and business owners from Dubai to Australia. Recently, she was featured in GLAMOUR! Little Black Dress Episode.

Alionka is warm, genuine and a force to be reckoned with. One conversation with her will have you believing in all the potential you didn’t fully realize you had.


8. Sabrina Torres [she/her]

Sabrina is the owner and founder of Be Truly Social, a social media marketing and consulting agency. She helps her clients identify what social platforms will directly connect them to their ideal audience, and comes up with creative ideas and solutions to help them deliver their message and transform followers into paying customers.

She puts her caffeinated energy to good use for her clients, who range from solo startups to multi-million dollar organizations, to help their social media pop in a busy online world.

Sabrina is a social media whiz and someone you’ll definitely want to connect with if you’re in need of a guru.


8. Kim Goulbourne [she/her]

Kim Goulbourne is an award-winning designer, developer and chronic creator with experience launching multiple products and experiences. She is currently working on building You & Sundry, a social parlor for the LGBTQ+ community.

Kim is especially knowledgeable on follow through and how to start AND FINISH anything. Her repeated success is a testament to this. She’s a big believer in not letting your lack of knowledge stop you from starting something you think could be amazing.


We are completely and continuously blown away by all these people and we know you will be too. Have others you’d love to see added to this list? Email us at Team@queerhustle.com Subject: Influentical Queer Womxn, and tell us who they are and why they inspire you!

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