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9 Queer Businesses You Can Start This Year

The queer community is still underserved. Sure, you’ve got a lot of hetero-owned businesses capitalizing on the fact that we’re loud and proud and have money to spend, but what about QUEER owned businesses? There’s still a gaping hole in the market waiting to be filled by your ingenuity and expertise.

If you’re queer and know you’re ready to get into business for yourself and start serving our community, here are 9 businesses you can still start this year to do just that.

  • Queer Subscription Box

Hardly any of these exist and the subscription box craze is still alive and well. So, pick a niche, get the items inside sponsored and start sending out those monthly boxes.

  • Queer Clothing Subscription

Currently, the clothing subscription market is dominated by the binary. There are boxes for women and boxes for men, but there’s a lot left to be desired for a more gender-free or androgynous clothing subscription. There is one that currently exists, but they seem to always be on backorder.

Stitch Fix has a great business model you could easily reproduce. So if you fancy yourself fashion forward and love helping other people find their perfect style, get moving and make this happen!

  • Life/Relationship Coaching

The self-help and personal development industry is booming and won’t be slowing down any time soon. What better time than now to get yourself trained and start serving the queer community in this way? After all, who knows more about the unique challenges we face than say, another queer person?

If you’ve got a heart to help other queer folx transform their lives and relationships, find yourself a coach training program and get to it. Our community needs you!

  • Career Coaching

Here is another branch of coaching that needs a lot more queerness. As people start deciding they’re ready to change their lives, their career choices wind up being part of the conversation.

It’s easy to feel completely lost as to what to do next professionally. So, if you happen to be someone who’s great at helping others gain clarity around what they want to do with their careers next, this is a brilliant way to help and start your own business.

  • Queer Fiction Writing

Talk about a massively underserved niche in the fiction world! Aren’t we all tired of the only available queer fiction involving seedy forbidden romances and a great deal of cis-white gay men getting all the attention? Well… that and rewatching old episodes of The L Word.

If you’re a writer and are ready to burst onto the scene, there are loads of us avid fiction readers who are ready for next-level queer fiction. Don’t be afraid to self-publish. The market has changed dramatically and self-publishing is easily the way to go if you’re not looking at a hefty advance from a big-name publisher. Make sure to also check out Queen of Swords Press and Sapphire Books Publishing for all your lesbian publishing needs as well!

  • Queer Quests — Adventure tours

Do you love traveling? Are people always coming to you for advice on planning their vacations? Do you seem to always know how to find all the best destinations and hidden gems in loads of different places? Well, why not start making money from this special talent of yours?

Queer adventure tours would be an amazing way to help queer folx plan trips to places that are queer friendly. It could also be a fantastic opportunity for queers to meet each other while doing something that doesn’t revolve around the bar scene!

  • Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Diversity and Inclusion consultants are in demand. Companies of all sizes are starting to seek out D&I consultants to help make their workplaces more inclusive. So, if you’re knowledgeable on all things LGBTQ+ and have an affinity for teaching businesses about equity and inclusion, now would be a great time to launch your business.

  • Queer Merch for events/expos/conferences

Queer events are starting to pick up the pace and it’s no longer all about Pride. Now we’ve got things like Clexacon, Lesbians in Tech and (ah-hem, shameless plug) QueerHustle. Creating merch for events isn’t expensive to break into but you could easily create a massive business of companies looking to create shirts, pins, hats, bags, etc for all of these events.

  • Queer Wedding Planner/Officiant

We all know the wedding industry is permeated by heteronormativity. This is slowly but surely changing with the emergence of more queer wedding expos and queer friendly event spaces. But what about the whole “planning” part?

Planning a wedding is stressful AF (or so I’ve been told). If you love event planning, why not shift into queer mode and position yourself as the go-to planner for queer weddings? If ever I find myself planning a wedding down the road, I would 100% choose a queer wedding planner to make all my sapphic wedding dreams come true.

LGBTQ+ weddings are only getting more and more frequent. Money is being spent, so why not use your skills and cash in?

No body understands queer needs like a queer person. So, what are you waiting for? There are countless business opportunities out there waiting for you to put your queer stamp on them. Get moving, we need you!

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