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How to balance Your Nervous System to Create a More Successful Business

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough energy to do the work you want to do for your business? Do you wish you felt clearer and more motivated on a regular basis? Do you ever find yourself so busy with work and life, but end up crashing and unable to do what you would like to do? In the world of entrepreneurship, there can be ups and downs. When you are able to bring your body and health to a more steady, happy place, your business will follow.


Go, Go, Go = Crash, Crash, Crash

Many entrepreneurs are so motivated and passionate that they tend to go, go, go without taking enough recuperation time. Or their schedules are so all over the place that it’s hard for them to have healthy routines in their lives. Both of these things can lead to burn-out and wreak havoc on the nervous system and the endocrine system.


What is the nervous system?

When I talk about the nervous system being out of balance, I am really talking about things like stress, anxiety, constantly worrying, being very busy without chill time, or not sleeping enough.

These things put us in sympathetic mode or “fight or flight mode,” where our bodies think we are running from the tiger. This was helpful back when we were running from tigers and is still helpful when we find ourselves in a dangerous situation. But, it is not helpful to be in this mode all day long while we’re sitting at our desks or going through day-to-day life.

Being in the sympathetic mode turns off our digestion and stresses our adrenal glands, which in turn can lead to thyroid issues or sex hormone issues. This is where the endocrine system comes into play.

Ever heard of hypothyroidism, PCOS, or infertility? It also takes us out of parasympathetic mode or “rest and digest” mode. Ever heard of IBS, SIBO, or GERD? What it also does, is use up all of our energy stores, making us tired and not in optimal shape to put forth our best effort in our businesses.


How do you balance the nervous system?

One of my favorite things to start with is meditation. The quiet kind. The audios and guided meditations are GREAT and a great place to start. If you have never done the quiet kind of meditation, I highly recommend trying this kind. I am a big believer in the “quiet kind” to allow the brain to fully rest. There is something very unique and powerful that comes with doing this type of regular meditation. I recommend Emily Fletcher’s book (Stress Less, Accomplish More) or your local TM Center to learn how to do this type of meditation. Meditation is simple but you want the proper guidance when learning.

My next favorite thing for balancing the nervous system is routine. Our bodies LOVE routine! We have a circadian rhythm that follows the sun and the moon. Because of the light and the dark, our bodies know when to produce cortisol for energy and melatonin for sleep. Those with the healthiest circadian rhythm go to bed and wake up at around the same time daily AND go to bed early-ish. I had a mentor once that would tell his patients that every hour they went to sleep before midnight counted as 2 hours. Routine with meal times is also great, as is a morning routine. You are more likely to do the things that are good for you if you do them in a morning routine.

My morning routine is: wake up, meditate, exercise, then work. When it is my day to get the kids ready for school, I do these things as soon as I can- either before my adorable gremlins wake up or after I drop them off at school. As for breakfast and diet in general, I will just say that a protein/fat-rich meal for your first meal of the day and low caffeine intake are game-changers if stress and anxiety are a part of the picture. These things help keep energy levels up and keep your blood sugar balanced.


You Need to Start Feeling Your Emotions

Now, there is an epidemic in our world that is important for me to include. It is that of not feeling our emotions. I could write pages on this but in a nut shell, when you are sad or angry, these feelings should be felt, or at least honored, as they come up or as soon as you notice them.

They are not bad feelings. All feelings are okay. If you allow these feelings to be okay in the moment they will become softer faster. If you try to push them away, they will stick around and make you feel anxious or give you road rage.

So, while it may take some gentle practice and a good therapist or healer, play with making your emotions be okay. Get out of your head about the details of the story and instead notice where you feel the feeling in your body and what sensations it creates. This helps shift your focus and change the experience with the more uncomfortable emotions.


Don’t Forget About Connection

Next is connection. Spend time with people you enjoy. Laugh, touch, share. This is soul medicine like no other.


Medication, Herbs, Vitamins and Amino Acids

I am going to put these last. These tools are quite helpful and so often quite necessary. They are also short term fixes. Seek a trusted provider to guide you in this area. Use these medicines to help you do the things mentioned above with more ease and to get “unstuck” if you are stuck. Often my patients need a boost and to be built up before they can do things that seem hard at the time. Do not be afraid to use these tools. But use them as part of your toolbox, not your ONLY tool.

Okay, now you’re ready to give your best self to your business and the world. Go rock your stuff! When you find yourself running thin, remember, if you give yourself what you need,

  • Sleep
  • Relaxation time
  • Good food
  • Exercise
  • Quality time w/ friends

Whatever it may be, doing these things will allow the the space to show up more powerfully in your business. You will be attracting strong, healthy business interactions because you will be giving off strong, healthy vibes!


– Leslie Meyers, ND

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